Mondello is a small fishing village 7 km far from Palermo and it has one among the most loved beaches of the whole Sicily. Until the first half of the 70’s it was considered only  as a holiday resort to spend summer or the week ends later through the years Mondello has started being considered as one of the most pleasant district of Palermo, even in winter, and a lot of people live there all the year round keeping in touch with nature and the sea.

At first the whole area was  uninhabitable and marshy but at the beginning of the 20th century, the Belgians started a large-scale work to promote the territory, they drained the swamp and built a wonderful bathhouse similar to those we find  in northern European Riviera. Nowadays the bathhouse is admired by tourists from all over the world for its architectural elegance, inside there is a restaurant where you can eat right on the light blue sea facing the whole bay. The wonderful beach made of white pinkish sand and the crystal light blue waters can compare to those of the Caribbean sea or other exotic seas of the planet.

mondello - monte pellegrino - addaura
Monte Pellegrino and Addaura from Mondello

Every year on summer, since 15th June  to 15th September, several bars on the beach provide seabeds to rent and stay open till late at night. Mondello is divided from Palermo by Monte Pellegrino, a mountain which was described by Goethe as“ The most beautiful promontory of the world”. A stunning nature with scented Jasmines, coloured Bougainville and Palms surrounds the village and not far from the center you will find the access to the natural reserve of Capo Gallo, a very wild area you can walk through on a path that leads to the lighthouse, on this side the shore is rocky, therefore swimming is not very easy, but the view from here is not to be missed.

capo gallo - lighthouse
Capo Gallo and the lighthouse

In the village, many are the restaurants and bars on the seafront where eating good fish dishes and drinking good wines is possible at average prices.  Another area close to the bay of Mondello is the shore of monte Pellegrino which is Called Addaura, from here you can climb up to the top of the mountain where is situated the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, the beloved patroness of Palermo, and a terrace from where one of the most beautiful view on the Mediterranean, the city and the mountains all around is offered.

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